R&D work to come up with increasingly “green” products is carried out from an advanced, fully equipped laboratory in line with our claim “Made in Italy, Made by Giancol”.
While not our own creation, this slogan perfectly explains Giancol’s strategy based on customised products, developed in conjunction with our customers, created and manufactured for their specific needs and for the production milestones of the company that will use them, with the painstaking focus on details and pursuit of excellence typical of the Italian culture.

The reception and delivery of all materials for bonding tests and analyses, by both customers and suppliers, is guaranteed according to an optimised time scheduling for processing and response to inquiries.
A qualified and experienced team of technicians monitors the quality control phases of incoming raw materials and outgoing products, all stages of product certification and the development of new glues and adhesives on a daily basis.

Today, Giancol is the primary partner of the most prominent international chemical groups for the study and development of innovative raw materials that are increasingly high-performing and eco-sustainable.