We believe in a healthy and dynamic lifestyle and in the bonding value of sport.

Giancol for sports

Our company is active locally and supports the local Due Carrare football team.

Our partnership with the Padua-based Show Club Team in the past few years has included activities aimed at promoting physical well-being and health as a lifestyle.

Our passion for motor sports and the speed-induced adrenaline rush has led us to support the Composit Motorsport team: every year we organise a track event for customers and friends, a thrilling sports day with also a pinch of healthy competition.

Racing related activities had to stop in 2021 due to Covid restrictions but we are confident that we will soon be able to follow our racing drivers again as they compete on tracks in Italy and in Europe.

We enthusiastically support the Padua-based 1 to Tri triathlon team: triathlon is a challenge against oneself, pushing athletes to their own limits of physical endurance in training, until they can compete over maximum distances in multiple events.

Giancol social commitment

For a few years now we have been making small donations to an NGO operating in Kenya: “Mamma Africa” deals with the schooling of boys and girls who do not have the resources nor the possibility to provide for it autonomously. This worthwhile initiative was born from the determination and dedication of a small number of people including our customer and friend Franco Miccoli, owner of the company Alfatubi based in Isola del Liri.

We also support the “Città Della Speranza” Foundation, based in Padua, which deals with research and support for the Paediatric Oncology Department of the Padua hospital.

During the pandemic, a sum of money collected through the fundraising initiative organised by our local newspaper “Il Gazzettino di Padova” was donated to the Padua Hospital, at the forefront of Covid patient care.