(Mono or two component) vinyl glues in standard class D2-D3-D4, single-component urea glues, for all industry processes including:

  • Hot (also high frequency) and cold surface lamination and veneering
  • production of solid wood chairs and tables
  • furniture assembly
  • laminated items production
  • production of pre-finished wooden floors
  • production of stairs
  • production of doors and windows
  • production of frameworks for upholstered furniture (sofas, armchairs, etc.)
  • Hot melt adhesives for straight and shaped edge banding with automatic and semi-automatic edge banding machines.

Two components primers and adhesives for wooden floor laying on cement surfaces.

Single-component polychloroprene adhesives with high thermal resistance for gluing decorative plastic laminates, metal, rubber, linoleum and other plastic materials on plywood, chipboard and to each other.

Upholstered furniture
Thermoplastic spray adhesives for application of PU foam on the wooden frame and for gluing PU foam to PU foam itself, glass fibre, rock wool, and other similar materials.
Spray polychloroprene and polyurethane adhesives for covering sofas, armchairs and seats, with leather, fabrics, synthetic fabric over the foams.
polychloroprene spray adhesives with high thermal resistance specifically designed for the automotive industry (cars, buses, campers) and for thermal and acoustic insulation with PU foam, rock wool and other materials of metal, plasterboard and wooden surfaces.